Weds May 18 – Last swim before the six hour one!

Had the fasting blood sugar test in the morning.
The afternoon was brisk but sunny.
Arrived at the lake at 1.45pm. Paula and Pete said they would prefer for me not to swim alone
Gi got out of the water after a 3.5 hour effort. She was swimming strong.

Ali arrived around 2.30pm and we finally got into the water at 3.45pm.

A steady 750m with stops at each bouy for a chat.  Not long but want to reserve glycogen for Saturday.
Am eating properly and staying hydrated.

I am looking forward to the big one.

One thought on “Weds May 18 – Last swim before the six hour one!”

  1. In the spirit of being a busy body, I am talking to the chaps at CNP about recovery drinks etc that lactose intolerant peeps like yourself can use. Will let you know what I discover.

    I'm sure there must be a massive market for such things… I feel an idea coming on!

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