Wednesday Swim with Claire.

Wednesday is a swim day as a rule. I had thought about having the whole day as rest. I decided against this for 2 reasons. One, Wednesday afternoons I generally swim with Claire. Two, there were 24 hours between swims so it was like having a day off!

I arrive at the lake at about 2pm. Claire had not yet arrived. She was coming from work. It would be fair to say I was not feeling the love. I felt tired. The weather had taken a turn. It was cooler (only about 15 degrees) and cloudy. The clouds were low and it was threatening to rain.

Claire arrived just before 2.30pm. We decided to have a cup of tea while we decided upon our swim plans. Claire did not really mind what she did either.

After a cup of tea we both decided it was along way to come if we did not swim. Claire did not appear to be convinced when I told her I would have driven just for the pleasure of her company.

We changed into our cosies. I had left mine at the lake on Tuesday. Paula had dried it out so I just put that one back on.

It is funny how sometimes when I have my cossie on and am getting ready to swim, I can feel warmer than when I was sitting fully clothed. And I did. We had a bit of faff.

My neck is chaffed from swimming in the sea. Claire noticed and so I went back to get the vaseline. Claire got in but then got out again as she had forgotten to demist her goggles. What ever she says, it DOES NOT count as a double dip. Factually she had been in the water once. But she had not submerged. So it cannot be counted. (And this is my blog and I make the rules!)

We decided on a perimeter. We were meeting at the buoy by the blue houses for a catch up. Claire had not been well over the weekend and had missed the swimming adventures. She has also some dizzy spells. Both being nurses we had diagnosed the problem as a balance problem stemming from her inner ear. We await the results of the investigations!

Once swimming I felt much better than I had done before I got in. I met Claire at the buoy and we stopped for a chat. We complimented each other on how well we were swimming. I said that I would have a leisurely swim to the next buoy and then I would put in a bit of an effort so it was not just a plod.

claire and sarah






Although we only swam for 30 minutes it was fun. Claire was feeling more confident. For the last 200m or so we swam head up breaststroke. You can chat that way you see. I suggested to Claire that she may want to think about doing some shorter distances at speed. Generally she is a faster swimmer than I. When we were evenly trained (just before she got the dizzy spells again in March) she was leaving me for dead in the sea and the pool. And although she can keep going on and on and on, (She swims a lot too!) she does have the potential to take part in some races.

We were pondering this when some geese had a fight and came running across the water toward us. I immediately ducked and one of the geese ran straight over my head. It is strange to see geese come running toward you at eye level. It did not occur to either of us to be worried by it though. The goose who was being run off was probably more scared than us. They do get a bit tetchy when they have young with them.

We dried off and we had a cup of tea before departing. Arranging to meet the following day for more swim adventures.


smileythis photo was taken on a previous occaision. It is Claire and I. Hopefully the addition of pictures makes for a more interesting read. 

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