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Training Update

Wednesday 11 May saw me doing a 3 hour swim in the lake at Leybourne. Ali accompanied me for 2 hours worth and the last hour I carried on alone. I got into the zone and was swimming strong. A bit slow – approximately 6.4k over the three hours, apparently my lips were blue when I got out. I did not look dead though and felt good and surprisingly did not shiver. The air temp was approx 16 degrees and we estimated the lake to be around 14 degrees. I had been experimenting with how close I can eat before swimming. I had finished eating 1 hr 20 mins before getting into the water. I felt vaguely sick the whole 3 hours so it was a bit close.

Thursday 12 May again at the lake with an hour interval session planned. Who should be there waiting to swim but Jackie Cobell. Readers may be aware that Jackie swam the channel last year in the astonishing time of 28 hours. She said she did not know if it would count as she landed near Dunkirk and was in the North Sea. We chatted for a while. An inspiration. How glad I was that I chose open water – I nearly went to the pool for my intervals but am finding that much too warm now.  A good session and it may be cummulative but I felt more tired after this effort compared to the three hours yesterday. Mind you I was trying. It seems alot of effort to cut 1 min off 450m. But that is 2 mins per 1K give or take which is 40 minutes over 40K. Loved it though and am pleased with this week so far.