Nuno of Joy Lane

A lay in on Friday as I was not to be swimming. I had searched the internet for local physio services the previous night. 


I had found a few. The one that drew my eye most was Joy Lane Clinic. Two reasons. Firstly I really like the name. Whilst I am sure it is more by luck than good management the street name implies that it will be good. Secondly the website promised an appointment within 24 hours. 


Now bear with me as I describe myself in a way that appears to be alien. When athletes (ha athletes – yep that’s me!) are injured the first thing they want to do is to fix it. Then they can train again. The promise of an appointment within 24 hours meant that there was a good chance I would be seen that day. 


I called at just after 8am. A bloke answered and I said I needed an appointment. He said he could see me at 9am. As it was 8.15am I knew I would have time as the clinic was only about 4 miles away. Result! As I had not yet had a cup of tea, I made a flask. It takes me a pot of tea to get going on a morning as a rule. 


I arrived at the clinic just before 9am and signed in. I waited. A client arrived at the same time as me. Then the physio arrived. He asked me if I was ok. I said I had arranged an appointment for that morning with someone on the phone. I did not catch his name. The physio told me he would see me after if I could wait. I began to wonder if I had come to the right place. I checked the number I had called against the address. They did match. 


As I was waiting my phone rang. The caller display said “Joy Lane Clinic”. I answered and said I was at the clinic. In actual fact the clinic where I was sitting was in Firs Lane. There had been a bit of a mix up as Charlie thought I would be at the Whitstable clinic. I had definitely called the Folkestone number. Apparently the phone had transferred there. He said not to worry as I could be seen by Nuno after 9.30am if I was ok to wait. He than apologised for the mix up. 


Things like this happen. When they are resolved with good humour and grace, that often makes for a better experience. It certainly makes for a better story! 


I did not mind at all. I had a flask of tea with me and there was wi-fi!


I went in to see the physio. Nuno is from Portugal and has worked as a physio in France. He is also an osteopath. Today though he was practising Physiotherapy. He did a thorough assessment. I had little to no pain. A full range of movement indicated it was not a rotator cuff injury. That is a swimmers nightmare. 


He was a little perplexed at what was going on. I explained that I had not been doing my strength exercises and of late had been a bit tardy with the stretching. I am normally disciplined with the stretching but for the last couple of weeks I have for some reason let it slip. I think mainly because my swimming is now mainly outdoors. When I do a pool set I do the stretches in the pool before I get out. Up until recently I have been dashing in to get dry and warm after swimming so I have neglected them.


This piece of information appeared to help Nuno with a provisional diagnosis. He thought it may be  “thoracic outlet syndrome”. He did some dynamic stretches with me. He also did pressure points (my description not his). He then explained that I could carry on swimming after a couple of days rest. To reduce the intensity of the sessions and stop if I had pain. 


We made a follow up appointment for 11 June should I need it. I will know at the end of the weekend when I have been back in the water. 


I was delighted with the service and the treatment I received. Nuno was competent, knowledgeable and seemed confident in his practice. He explained what he was doing and why. So a big shout out to Charlie and Nuno of Joy Lane Clinic.


Other physios are available. But Nuno can be found at Dynamix Firs Lane, Cheriton. Near Folkestone. 

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