May Day May Day May Day

May Day was Thursday. Regular readers will know that I usually have Wednesday afternoons off to swim. This week however I had worked Wednesday. Consequently I had Thursday off instead. 


Thursdays are a good day to have off as Claire Russell is also off. A regular swim buddy, she had enticed me to her David Lloyd with the offer of lunch. To be honest I would have gone anyway. They have an outdoor pool at her centre. Much better for drills and we generally get it to ourselves. It was raining so we did not have to think about the lanes which get the sun. (We are both working on comedy tans). 


A drill set was the plan. And so that is what we did. I am sure we must look vaguely peculiar swimming up and down. The drills have fancy names such as “long dog, broken arrow and unco”. With or without fins and sometimes with a pull bouy they are a good way of swimming quite a distance without realising. I was working on my slightly flat right arm entry and rotation this week. Claire just does anything for a laugh! And we do laugh a lot. Which is excellent for the motivation (if not the pool continence!)  


After the drills we returned to Bailey House for lunch. I had requested something on toast (as I was swimming a bit later) and so cheesy beans were the order of the day. 


We were due to meet Victoria at 2pm at the lake. Time being a guide this moved to 2.30pm. We arrived a little before Victoria. In fact Claire arrived a little before me as although I had set off first in my car she has local knowledge. Victoria arrived shortly after. 


The lake temperature was written down as 13.5 degrees. The clouds were heavy there was chilly breeze and there was the promise of rain. Pete and Paula looked pretty cold. 


Claire had decided not to swim for a second time as she had been feeling dizzy. I am sure the cloudy and cold weather had absolutely nothing to do with her decision. Or the promise of tea and cake with her Dad. 


We got ready to swim. I had a swim intention in mind. I did not share this with Victoria on purpose as I did not want to scare her. 


Claire waved us off and we set off with my boat to the red bouy. I have part owner ship of a boat with Ali. It is where I keep my drinks when I am swimming. This is because leaving them on the jetty was getting in the way of training. I would swim in and then chat with anyone who was around. And so I now keep them in the boat so that I can swim consistently.




I set my watch and off we set. After about 50 strokes I was aware that Victoria was no longer with me. I looked around. She had swum headfirst in to the catamaran. Claire had seen this happen (but unfortunately had not caught it on camera!) I am a good friend and so I laughed. And laughed. Victoria was laughing but I am not sure if that was the concussion. She was fine and we carried on with our swim. Victoria was behind me all the way and reminded me occasionally when she tapped my feet. 


The first lap was a 30 minute lap. We stopped briefly for a drink and then set off again. Unbeknownst to Victoria I was upping the pace as the plan was a negative split. Success ensued with a 29 minute lap. Victoria was close on my heels and was very pleased to have swum her first sun 30 minute lap. Well done Victoria. A PB!


Whilst we were swimming it absolutely peed it down. I love swimming in the rain. At times I was aware of the rain on my side. This I took to mean I was rotating well so the drills were a success. 


An excellent day was had by all. I drove to Melton’s happy with my May Day swim session.


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