January 2014

Not an auspicious start to the 2014 training plan. That said, I may have been unrealistic in thinking I could be off for 3 weeks and still manage to do a half day on my first Wednesday back.

My plan had been to be in the pool by 2pm for a 2 hour set. I was still working at 2pm and did not get to the pool tip 3.30pm. I managed an hour. I did 5 x 500m on 31 secs per length. 


It was hard. I had not really been swimming since before Christmas. I did not swim so much in Australia. Mainly due to being land locked at times. Also the sharks in Queensland are particularly hungry.


Thursday I did a CSS set. Just before Christmas my CSS had been 1min 57 per 100m. I decided that I would set my lap time as 29.75 secs (which equates to 1.59) I managed it and it felt just about challenging enough. I will record my CSS time at the next short set so I can do it accurately.


Saturday I had arranged to meet Dan Earthquake at Sunny Sands. 11 am is my time of choice as then there is not so long to wait until the pub opens. Victoria, Neil, Grantley, Glenn and Eddie (Enduroman) were also there.


swim buds jan 2014


















Dan’s beard has grown some what. 


dan earthquake

























We were joined by Stuart and Kaz with Jamie and Louis (mini crew). They did a great job of guarding the bags and belongings. 


The tide was high and there was a wind towards. The breakers were too large for me to pass with any great confidence so  Victoria and I stayed playing at the shore line. 



no way



















The lads had left us behind. The high tide was midday so as the waves were getting larger we decided to get out while the going was good. Grantley had his goggles knocked off by a big wave and got out a bit earlier than the others. 


The water was up to the arches. There was a peculiar step up on to the ramp that I had not ever seen before. 


Victoria and I were in around 10 mins and the lads swam for around 30 minutes. 


To “The Lifeboat” for dinner. Annette made a lovely butternut squash and pepper soup. With some home made chips it was lovely.



Back to Sunny Sands at 3pm. The tide had receded. And how different it looked. The storms and strong winds had taken sand away. There were rocks by the arches and steps I have never seen before. It looked quite different.



sunny sands pebbles
















changing sunny sands


















Grantley was pleased to find his goggles. What a stroke of luck. 


Into the sea. It was around 8.5 degrees and the air temp about 8 degrees. The sun shone briefly. The waves were large and rolling and the swim was fantastic. I had a massive smile on my face. 

We swam together (the same group as before) and kept our eye out for each other. 


My goggles were leaking a bit but not enough to ruin my enjoyment. 


It felt cold (and of course it is) but I coped well given I had only recently returned from temperatures of 40 degrees. 


The lads stayed in for ages but I got out after 20 minutes. I did not want to get frozen to the core as I had a long drive ahead. I timed it about right as although I was a bit chilly I still had use of my hands and could feel my toes. 


shes special


















My Ugg cousin boots ( a pressie from my friend Min) have sadly given up the ghost.  I decided that it was time to buy some more. Coveting Victoria’s (who it has to be say looks incredibly special in her pre and post swim outfit) I went to Sketchers in search of similar. Pleased to say I have found some furry shoes with a hard sole. Perfick

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