It’s not boring. It’s beautiful

happy feetA week off and at the nest with Melton. I was sure to get in a few swims! Mel's birthday (and the day we met) are within a few days of each other so we had booked the week off together. Where better to stay than at the nest? An impulse buy for sure, it has to be one of the best buys I have ever made. I love going down there. It is one place where I feel truly relaxed. The lack of reliable phone reception I chose to see as a bonus!


Being a bit of a lark, I have a liking for early mornings. Alas with the days drawing in it was too dark to swim and catch the free parking in the harbour. It becomes residents only from 8am. As I swim alone I do like it to be proper day light. Safety first and all. (I do understand the incongruence of swimming alone in the sea and my saying safety first. I do draw the line at swimming alone in the dark!) 


I did not set an alarm and I do normally wake early. But at the nest I do sleep very well. (that would be the carbon monoxide poisoning Kaz!)


With out wanting to set a time (and really due to the available light) I decided to go on Thursday (the first morning at the van)  when I was ready. That still saw me in the water by 8.15am.

The tide was high and rolling. I had flo (swim safety device) and my car key attached to my cossie. With the swamket and towel tucked into the railings (too high for dogs to wee on as they are now allowed on the beach) 

I set off for a swim. 


The water felt warm. The sun started to shine.  The sea was rolling. It makes for an interesting swim. Catching  the swell just right can move you along at a rate of knots.  With the sun on my back and a big smile on my face I felt fantastic. I had not been in the sea for an age. An absolutely excellent start to a few days off with Melton.


Friday sadly was too rough to swim. There was a storm brewing and the wind was up. The weather bouy indicated that the waves were upward of 1.5 to 2 meters high. On an inward tide with the strong winds it would not be safe for me to swim. If the waves break at more than shoulder height I do not go in. Having been dumped a few times (it hurts) and hearing some horror stories of paralysis I always think it is best to watch the sea in those conditions.


Saturday however was the exact opposite. I had arranged to meet Claire and Princess Fiona on the beach at 1pm.  Sadly Ali had to decline. She had not been well all week and was still recovering. 


Melton and I met Claire and P.Fiona under the arches. The tide was on its way out (just) so there was room for us to set up base camp .It was warm and felt like summer. Without further ado we got into the water. 


Those of you who know us will see that for the big fat fib it is. We met at 1pm ish (time is a guide) and it was 30 minutes before we even got our feet wet. Melton was on hand to take photos (and a video of our entry) He said the pictures were good but we never got to see them as he inadvertently deleted them before we had seen them. I will take his word for it. He said (and I am sure this is another big fat fib!) that we are photogenic. 


the bled muskateers


Claire and Princess Fiona were keen to know my plans. I have not yet written my swim plan for October (deciding to enjoy swimming for swimmings sake whilst on my hols). They were relieved that I had not planned a big 3 hour set. Instead we got into the water. And there we stayed for 45 minutes. We swam for around 10 minutes of that time (well perhaps 15) but enjoyed  chat and a bob! It was lovely.


The sun was shining and the sea was as flat as a pancake. Fiona was not happy with this. She loves playing in the waves. "its boring" she said. 


"Its not boring its beautiful" I quipped. I then almost immediately took that for this posts title. It looked beautiful. The sun was reflecting off the sea and the waves were gently lapping the shore. We exited with a bit of a swim show. Princess Fiona executed a glamorous back stroke and looked just like Ester Williams (when she was alive!) 


Claire swam as near to the shore as she could without beaching. 


I did a bit of moth. Its like butterfly. Well, ok,  it is not at all like butterfly. It is the ugly version. And I know some of you will be upset that I am implying that moths are ugly. But I stand by my words. Or in this case I swim by my words. 


The sun was out and I tried the new Dry Robe. It was roasting.  WInd proof and water proof with a fleecy lining (a bit scratchy to be honest)  it is most definitely a winter accessory. The air temp was around 22 degrees and the sea 16.5. The equivalent of a summers day. There was no need for it!


beach geri


We sat on the beach drinking hot chocolate and sharing our supplies. I had taken donuts. Claire had croissants and Fiona had a selection of cheese and biscuits. It was Mel's first taste of a baby bel. He was not too keen on the wax wrapping! 


princess fiona











Sunday was my last day at the van. Another early one, it was a chilly start. I went down in my cossie and the dry robe. I then left my things on the rocks (out of the reach of the dogs) and went for an hours dip. The sun came out as I got in. If yesterday was calm and flat, Sunday was like a mill pond. The tide was well out and I entertained by self by swimming from the harbour arm to the end of the prom. I suspect it is about 450m or so. It was taking me approx 10 mins each way. I swam toward the harbour at pace and then long and smooth concentrating on rotation towards the Warren. 


A big smile on my face. It was strange swimming in a flat sea. It is not often so calm. And whilst the waves are fun, it was strange to be able to see the shore when I turned my head to breathe. 


I drove back in my dry robe (and swim hat) and was roasting again. It certainly is for winter!

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