GP blues.


The best laid plans eh? 

I have not been able to swim or cycle for a week. I have a grotty chest and get breathless when I walk. This put paid to my 6 hour swim on Friday 13 Sept. Some may believe this is a good thing.

It is frustrating beyond belief.

But not as frustrating as trying to get a GP appointment. I called my GP at opening time on Friday morning to try to secure an on the day appointment. By the time I got through the first appointment was 4 October. 

When I got home from work I went to the surgery website. It said of the 9500 appointments offered in July and August 10% had people not attend so this was why I did not get an appointment. 

Firstly it seems odd to blame your service users for poor service. It also struck me that if people had to wait 3 weeks they would have either forgotten the appointment, got better, been admitted to hospital or died. 

I have written to the practice manager to complain. 

It is not a great service for working people. Ringing at 8am means that you have to not travel to work incase you get an appointment. Then if you don't; get one on the day, you will be late for work. 

I am lucky. I have a great employer and can work flexibly. What about this that have to clock on and off. 

It is the automated appointment system that is the issue I think. Those that get a better service call their surgery and speak to someone. 

I will have to go to walk in centre somewhere as I am sure I need anti biotics. I have a productive cough. Stacey my friend thinks this is a good thing. But she is an entrepreneur. Sometimes it is good not to be productive.

Being sensible and not doing training type things has resulted in me having quite a lot of free time. I have to confess I have not used this to dust or clean my house. Life is too short!

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