Gammy Eyes

After an auspicious start to training last week in the sea, I found myself with gammy eyes. My right goggle leaked when I was in the sea with Dan and Victoria et al. Given the rainfall and strong tides, and that Folkestone has a sewage outlet ……

So with antibiotic eye drops, I was 5 days out of the water. Whilst I could go swimming, I twittered out and received one response to keep my gammy eyes  to myself. Plus the pharmacist had said no swimming. 


Saturday saw me in the pool for a 5k speed endurance set. Known as As and Bs the goal is to swim to a bleep. I had the lane to myself to begin with but was soon joined by other swimmers. In the main we were able to keep out of each others way. This did not last for long when a breast stroker decided she was “fast” rather than medium. I am not sure why she got into the “fast lane” except there were already 3 in the other lane. The majority of the pool was for family swim time. Still she politely waited at each end if she thought either me or the bloke were anywhere near. 


4K in the pool became packed with families. All the swim toys were thrown in. My lane filled up and there were now 5 people in it. I could not make the bleep as there would invariably be someone in front. Not wanting to churn out junk miles at a slow pace, I decided to call it a day at 4.2K


It was a pacey set. The last Bs were a bit of struggle and I cannot say that I was too upset to finish. I was pleased with the session though. It felt like a quality set. 


Sunday was scheduled to be a sea swim. Kaz (already in Folkestone) gave a weather report to say the sea in Folky was too rough for swimming. I decided not to drive the 65 miles down for what could be a look at the sea and at the most 20 minutes. The caravan opens on 12 February. Plus I know that I have a place to stay on the next Cold Water Culture weekend. So I decided to spend the whole day with Melton. He is due to be a swim widower over the next 8 months and as the opportunity arose, I took it.

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