First Sea Swim 2015

I have been out of the water since the New Year. I had flu followed by a baking injury. The flu lasted a couple of weeks and then I inadvertantly blended my finger. I will spare the photos but I had to stay out of the water until it had healed.
My van (aka The Nest) opened in mid February. I have visited but have not been able to swim. It is most frustrating.

On Saturday 14 March, I decided I would brave the elements and have a swim. The tide was going out. The weather bouy reported the sea temperature as 7.9. The air temperature was 7 but with the wind chill it felt like 2. (It actually feels much colder when you are stood in your cossie on the beach)

I decided I would swim for 15 minutes only. I was on my own and had neither a swim buddy or a beach butler. The wind was bitter and it is a fair way to the car so I decided it was better to stay in a short while and still be able to drive.

Since January I have lost 8kg (probably a bit more by now). I was a bit worried about how much of the cold I would feel. I needn’t have worried. I still have a layer of bioprene and I also was desperate to be in the water. I got in without too much ado and swam. The waves were coming fast and breaking quickly and some were quite big. It was great. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. I got out reluctantly as being alone I did not want to push my luck. Getting dry was quite chilly but to be honest I was so exhilarated I did not really notice. I knew I could have stayed in longer. I did not get the shivers and did not lose the use of my fingers. But I have said it once and I will say it again. The sea has to be respected. Its a tad foolish going on your own. No need to be even more foolish and over do it.

Prior to the March swim I had swum in The Strand at Gillingham with Victoria. The water was just above 1 degree and the air probably not much more. Sadly the week after I was ill then I blended my finger so I was only to swim once in the Strand. It would be a good place to go and I am sorry to have missed it. I am also envious of Victoria’s consistency this year. The ice mile we had hoped to do became a non starter the minute I got flu. The water temperatures will be seeking up now and i just of not have the acclimatisation. Still, always next year.

My other Blue Tit buddies have chosen to stay out of the really cold stuff this year. Ali has been proper poorly. She as in hospital and has not been fit. She is now back in the pool and turning out 2k swims. Not only that she has stopped smoking. So I am well proud of her. Princess Fiona and Claire swim at David Lloyd. Claire is training for Dorney 10k and Princess Fiona is mainly drinking wine!

We are having an adventure to the Swim Show. Emma (previously known as Min) is going to meet us in the evening for eats and drinks but she is a cycling tit. She is training for a 100 mile time trial. So there is lots going on and to aim for.

I am looking forward to keeping the blog up to date again (it being November since I last wrote). A swim adventure of note would be the Boxing Day Dip. Kaz joined me in the sea. We dressed up as jelly fish for the event. I carried on swimming after the even was over. The sea was 9 degrees that day but it was quite mild in the air. It was a great day. Kaz said she was glad of the costume as the bubble wrap had kept us warm. We were originally going as jilted brides. I think the outfits were multi purpose as a few people thought that is what we were. Judge for yourself. We are quite clearly jelly fish!!


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