Early Easter Morning.

I have said it once and I will say it again (and probably a third time!) Kaz Bunce is madder than me. My excuse for getting out of bed at 7am on Easter Sunday is because 1) I am training to swim the channel. 2) I need to acclimatise 3) I love swimming in the sea.


Kaz just seems to like cold drafty beaches. How mad is that?


I expected to be on my own this morning but Kaz was awake and said she would come with me. We had pretty much the whole of Sunny Sands (aka Rainy Rocks) to ourselves. There was a “weekend dad” taking photos of his son in his push chair. They had a bucket and spade and went digging. “Very early for that sort of thing” remarked Kaz. I use this merely to prove my point that she is madder than me. I would say it was fairly early for swimming on a bank holiday when even the dog walkers appeared to have stayed in bed. 


easter morning sunshine


The sea was 11 degrees. The air temperature 8. It certainly felt warmer in than out. The sun was trying to peak through and was reflecting from the sea. Although it looks quite calm it was choppy. There was an easterly wind which blows directly into the harbour. This made for an “endless pool effect”. I was stuck on the spot trying to beat the wind against tide. It was a losing battle. But huge fun. The waves were quite large and I thoroughly enjoyed swimming into them. 


easter morning swimble


(Mindful of my feedback of Good Friday) I was thinking of my right arm. Kaz could not see me perfecting my stroke as I was lost behind the swell! 


easter morning swimble 2


I only swam for around 25 minutes as I have a long swim planned for later in the lake. The training benefits are negligible but the enjoyment was a ten!

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