Apologies that this is rather late to be published. Sadly my site was hacked. It has taken some time to retrieve it but here it is. I shall take us back in time to mid June. And as if by magic…….


Regular readers will know that I am swimming the Channel this year. That is the main reason this website is called “channelswimwithsarahd” after all. Those that have been paying attention will know that I am also raising money for the RCN Foundation. 


There is a link on the right hand side of the page if you want to know more. 


Why am I raising money for the RCN Foundation you may ask. And even if you are not asking, I am about to tell you. 


Dinah Cox (who is an OBE! I could not believe it when I saw it on her Congress badge!) is the Head of the RCN Foundation. She came to talk to us at work about a year or so ago. She is a funny and inspirational speaker. After hearing her speak I decided that I would raise money for the RCN Foundation. But not only that, as I was due a sabbatical I would make a pitch to use my sabbatical to train, in exchange. 


The pitch was successful (Thanks Patricia Marquis and Tom Sandford) and the whole RCN Foundation thing got off to a start. It was  slow start to be fair as there did not seem a lot of point making a song and a dance about it until nearer the time. 


But how they have got behind me. They (at the Foundation)  arranged for a fringe event at Congress (where I was able to show case the Foundation and the Big Swim”.)  


Lewis Allett (Grants Manager but not an OBE.. yet) was incredibly enthusiastic. Somehow the concept of using a static bike to get Congress delegates to cycle stationary miles was born. The plan to see how many times the channel could be crossed for the duration of the Congress Exhibition. 


A map of the Channel was on display with a magnetic swimmer who was moved along each time a KM was passed. (It had to be in KM not miles as no one knew how to change the settings on the bike!).  I supported the stand (and did my fair share of cycling). We attracted famous cyclists such as Peter Carter (Gen Sec and CEO of the RCN) David Harding Price (Council Member)  and Celia Amin the RCN Deputy President. Wiggo did not turn up but in fairness he had not said that he would. 


Peter Carter on bike

















It was a huge success and there was over £300 in the bucket. There was  text number too and not forgetting my Just Giving page. 


Clare at the Nursing Standard also asked if I would write a reflections piece. I have written that and it will appear in a future edition of Nursing Standard. 


For raising awareness the Foundation stand was hit. It was referenced in RCN bulletin each day. My fringe event got a great write up and other fund raisers were also profiled in the bulletin and in the films that were on display. 


I have not as yet set a target. There is not a “as much as possible” target. What I do know is that the Foundation does some really good work and is a life change for the people who use it. But in order for it to continue to offer grants and loans it has to keep money coming in. You don’t have to be  a RCN member to access the support (it is a charity after all and is more about the greater good). 


So if after reading this you are moved to donate, you can either text “swim45£3” to 70070 or visit my Just Giving page. 


All donations gratefully received. Particularly from the people whose lives you change.

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