Back by popular demand….

Well Ali asked me if I would start my blog again. So that is one request. But Ali is very popular and she demanded it! What could I say? She had read some in her memories on facebook and told me she had missed it.  

Coincidentally we had also met for a swim on Sunny Sands. 8.30am on a Sunday morning (well really 9.30 as the clocks had gone back the night before. Why do we always say that? And express surprise that it is dark an hour earlier that evening!) 

Any way we had arranged to meet on the beach. High tide was 10.30 (adjusted for daylight saving time) so we had around 90 minutes of beach left from which to swim. 

Ali was a little late, only ten minutes or so. There had been a thick fog which had made driving tricky. Yet the beach was bathed in bright sunshine.  

I had taken a chair to the beach. It is the time of year where dogs are allowed back on the beach. They seem to be attracted by seemingly abandoned bags and will often cock a leg on them. At least if the bag is on the chair there is less chance of it being actually peed on. 

I was ready. Ali had her cossie on under her clothes. We were raring to go. Ali searched through her belongings several times before exclaiming that she had forgotten her goggles and her hat! (She has only been swimming for a lifetime!) I did not have any spares. In fact Ali has my spares and she had forgotten that too! I offered her my hat but need the goggles to see as they are prescription ones. She declined. We agreed we would just Angel Swim. That is a style of swimming where you lay on your back with your arms out and float. It is very comfortable. Victoria invented it. Well named it really as I had seen other people do this type of swimming while I was training for events. It always looked very relaxing. 

We moved our things further up the beach away from the tide (which had crept up on us) and decided to get in. 

We entered the water and stood around talking for some time. Those that know us well will realise that this is most unusual as we are more inclined to JFDI! We had not seen each other for a while so decided to catch up a bit. 

Topics inlcuded

1) Our friend Victoria had had a baby a couple of weeks before. She had named her after my swim safety device. I was most touched. Bably Flo(rence) named after Flo my swim float. How cute is that? 

2) Lack of swim mojo – Ali suggested that starting my blog up again would help with the swim mojo. (So here I am and I will let you know)

3) Jobs – changes of jobs and how working gets in the way of swimming

4) If Neal the seal turned up Ali said she would scream, push me between Neal and her and make good her escape

5) Richards birthday breakfast. I believed he was overly extending his birthday by several weeks but Ali informed me that this was someone who he vaguely knew. Chosing breakfast over swimming in the sea early on a sunday morning! Fancy that. 

6) What swim events we may or may not do next year. 

My attention was distracted as Ali pointed toward the beach.  When I turned back Ali had fully immersed. She got in before me! Nooooooo! There was nothing for it but to join her. 

The water was in fact a balmy 14.8 degrees. It did not even take my breath away. The sun was shining and all was good in the world. The air temperature was about 11 degrees and it felt warm (ish). Certainly not cold though. 

As Ali had no goggles or no hat we decided to bob about a bit and have a chat. My goggles were misting up. Something caught my eye. It was a head. I thought someone perhaps had got in without my noticing. I was shoved towards it by a screaming banshee. "Its Neal the seal!!" screached Ali and with that she made good her escape. Ali took herself to knee height in the water and looked out to sea. Neal had disappeared but he came back to say hello again a short while later. 

We were in the water for about 30 minutes. I demonstrated my new technique to Ali and she demonstrated air crawl. It was pleasing to be able to swim for the love of it rather than to train. 

We agreed that we would do the following

1) Start brutal Saturdays (swim training followed by food prepared by Mich)

2) Find an event to do

3) Find a weekend we can do for a swim/ christmas do. 

4) Pick a weekend for a double dip in February (for old times sake) 

5) I would start my blog again. 


And so here is the first installment for over a year!




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