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A couple of pool swims have happened this week. A Critical Swim Speed set and a drill set. I swim at David Lloyd and my home club is Beckenham. It is extortionately priced but is handy for on my way to or from work. Whilst I could possibly change my membership to another club, they charge the membership to the club you use most. Other gyms are not so easy to get to and it is the pool I use most anyway. On the plus side, the spa is beautiful although I rarely use it. Perhaps I will start now I am swimming mainly for fun. I also get a visitor pass every month but I have only used two this year so far. 

There had been some refurbishment but I am not really sure what has been refurbished. The lockers are the same although the stools that used to be in front of the mirrors have been changed for chairs.  I think perhaps they will finish the painting later. The roof in the ladies changing room is full of mildew. What ever they have done, the under floor heating does not appear to be working (if it has been switched on) as the floors are now all wet from the showers and the spa. 

The pool is good though and seldom very busy. I sometimes have to share a lane but rarely. 

My Critical Swim speed is back to 2mins per 100m. This is fairly slow as I had got it to min 47 at my fastest. My plan is to work on speed and endurance over the winter. Keep up with the acclimatisation and cold water swimming as I enjoy the lifestyle. 

I don’t love the pool but I do enjoy swimming. Plus I enjoy seeing my swim speed improve. Not that I am competitive but Clare is leaving me for dead these days. And we used to be able to swim together. I would like to be able to keep up with her (aka swim faster than her!). Not that I am competitive. 

I worked Wednesday so did not have an afternoon swim with Claire. But we had arranged to meet at the lake. Victoria had a pass, Princess Fiona and Claire all arranged to meet at 10am. When I arrived Princess Fiona and Victoria were already there. I spied Victoria’s boot clad leg as she leaned into her car. My immediate thought was “WTF is she wearing today?” I parked up and she was out of the car. She had on a fleece onesie. As I was driving I had missed her “I am winning the special prize today” message. 


special friends


With a straight face she explained to Princess Fiona and I that this was the way forward for winter warmth. She had her thermals to put on after the swim. Claire arrived and rather worryingly did not bat an eyelid. Well as my oldest friend Debi  (oldest as in I have known her the longest. I do have other older friends)  and I used to say “there are no points for fashion when winter warmth is at stake”. This would be all well and good but it was forecast to be 21 degrees later and sunny.

I have to confess to some onesie envy. I am sure you will agree it is a good look. Particularly the pom pom placement when the zip is undone. 

pom pom placement


Will was looking after the safety boat today. He took the temperature of the lake. It was still 13.5 degrees. This is mild for the time of year (1 November)  but we have had some beautiful weather. 

So the four of us swam a lap. Claire was miles ahead (see above). But Victoria, Princess Fiona and I kept a fairly steady pace that was evenly matched. It was not quite cold enough to take my breath away yet. But it will not be long before it does. And with the warm weather there was no shivering afterwards. That delight is still to come. 

We had a natter and a hot chocolate after. We were joined by Helen and Steve who came over for a chat.  They live local to the lake. They have started swimming in the pool now for the winter. It was lovely to see them. 

With promises to catch up soon we all went our separate ways. There will no doubt be many more swim adventures before Christmas. Plus, there is some onesie shopping to be done. Now I wonder if Frizbees can do embroidery on a onesie……

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