A lay in. On day 3 or 4. I cannot decide.


I slept in. I went to bed early on Monday night. I was in bed by 10.30am. I was sure I would be in the sea at 7am. I did not set an alarm so sure was I that I would wake up. I did of course wake up. But not til 7am. I had planned to be in the sea by then. 


I was also really hungry. (Did I mention I was on my holidays in a previous post). Did it really matter. Not in the slightest. I decided that I would have my breakfast on the decking and then get to the sea by about 10.30 ish. Time is a guide after all. 


I had a relaxing morning. But I was also aware that I was waiting to swim. Not only that, I was looking forward to swimming. If I eat substantially I do need to wait for two hours at least. I have experimented with this. There is an “old wives tale” that you should not eat before swimming other wise you will drown. Or get cramp. Or something equally hideous. Although I think on the scale of hideous ness that drowning is worse than a bit of cramp.  


I am not sure where that  myth came from. Or why it is an old wives tale. As opposed to a “young husbands tale” or “kindly aunt” tale. After all, it appears to be well meaning if factually incorrect. 


I do find though that I need to wait for 2 hours. Otherwise I get heart burn and vomit. (Now that is not part of the tale either is it?  I have never had cramp associated with eating and swimming and obviously I have not drowned!) 


Dan Earthquake once told me to vomit on the out breath. This was indeed sage advice. Last year I managed quite a long swim while I was vomiting. Always on the out breath. It saves inhaling you see. And it means you can keep moving and vomit at once. For those who think multi tasking is also a myth – that is doing two things at once!


I went down to Sunny Sands for my swim. It was cloudy with outbreaks of sunshine. Warm but not as warm as the previous days. In fact perfect swim conditions. I always use sunscreen but I do prefer a bit of cloud coverage. 


easter morning swimble 2











Still it was only an hours swim. Steady non stop. The tide was out and I was able to swim harbour wall to the end of the promenade again. As I passed the steps I would do 100 fast strokes (so it was not just a plodding session). I then saw a boat arrive. It moored just outside the harbour. In spite of my prescription goggles (brand new but already scratched from the sand) I could not see the name. It looked similar to Pathfinder so I went to investigate. I am of course still swimming at this point so the break was not truly a break. Infact I did not stop. I merely took a detour from my planned route. 


As I have said before, when I am on my own I do not stop (unless they are planned as part of the training). So I merely went close enough to read the name, realised my mistake and carried on. 


I was smiling all the way. 


A couple of kayakers asked me for the time. I realised at that point that I had already been in for 50 minutes. It had flown by. I can honestly say I did not want to get out when the hour was up. I gave myself another 10 minutes as a treat. But, I have a training plan. And I am enjoying it. Doing more than I have planned will certainly lead to fatigue if not injury.  I still have a long way to go. No point ruining it by going over board (if you pardon the pun) 


My kit was still there. (A towel and my swammy and glasses) My car key was safely attached to my cossie. I wondered back to the car. I now had 24 hours rest between swims. 


For the rest of the day I planned upon being a true holiday maker. The forcast in keeping with this desire was for rain!

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