52 Weeks

It has been a while since I last wrote. Predominantly because my laptop was taking 45 minutes to load. Then the keys stuck. Then it would not save properly. Then it would not cut and paste. It was all too much effort. And you know what? I would much rather be swimming.

But with a year to go I decided I wanted to start writing again. So I went to my website.  It has disappeared. I contacted Stacey to see if she knows what I need to do. She usually knows about these things. And as if by magic it was all working again. Channel support moves in mysterious ways. Thanks mate! 

On top of that I also decided to buy a new laptop. I did not for a into think that I would buy a Macbook but sure enough I did. And I have to say I love it. 

So how does this help with the swimming.

Well it does not really. 

My training plans are as follows. 

Ali is going to be my swim bud for the next year. Unfortunately she  injured her shoulder which has cut short her channel aspirations for the next year or so. She is currently waiting for  scan to see what the damage is. 

So rather than being my swim buddy, she will be my swim coach. The emphasis this year is on power, strength and speed. Building on the endurance. So more gym work. More longer speedier swims and some more cross training too. 

So watch this space for what is next. 

As soon as the website is up I will be writing more regularly. I have kept a training journal in runtastic.com. A brilliant mobile phone app that means I can fill it is as I complete the training 

The wonders of modern technology eh?

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