1 day post op

Meeting Ali at the lake for a chat and catch up was on the agenda for this particular Wednesday afternoon.

The sun was shining (after a few miserable days) and it was lovely to sit and look at the lake. On Tuesday Ali had had a rice crispy removed from her back. It was irritating and had already grown. Right on the strap of her cossie it had to be gone.

The GP had done an urgent referral to the dermatology team as befits an unexplained growth. He was not too concerned about it and neither were the dermatologists.

Ali’s shoulder had also settled. We chatted about whether we would swim or not. I think we both wanted to but probably both realised it was not quite the most sensible thing to do. I was at the back end of a cold which had developed into something more chesty. Ali was 1 day post op.

I picked up a small stone and said pick a hand. If you pick the hand without a stone we will not swim today.

Ali picked my left hand. I secretly discarded the stone in my right hand and we decided to swim. Ali did see that. It is a truth known to OW swimmers that there are more days when you want to swim and cannot so you have to make the most of it.

Due to our previously described ailments (not to mention Ali’s dodgy shoulder, we were only going to do a little swim. 400m no more. And that it was we did. And it was great. And were were smiling when we came out.

The lake was still a balmy 16.9 degrees. The sun was shining and Ali had a plaster. It could hardly count as training. But it was fun. And if swimming is no longer fun surely that is the time to stop.

Great swimming bud.

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